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Hey there, welcome to my dA page!

I program 'special' games for people to enjoy. They're all oriented around the expansion fetish. There isn't much now, but I'm slowly working on that.

Besides that, I sometimes write stories (or combine them in my games) with a sub-par vocabulary including weird fantasies. There's also the 3D stuff I do occasionally.

Also, please keep in mind that I work on these projects in my spare time. Unless I can make a living out of this, my main focus will be on getting my education finished, finding a job and live on my own. :)

If you would wish to donate towards the progress of YOLCG 2 or something else, you can do that with the button below.

200k pageviews... That’s just an amazing number for an community like this. Sure, the content I’ve produced appeal to multiple fetishes, but I feel 200k is just massive for simply one game and a bunch of other stuff.

I want to thank all of you guys. For your views, favorites and kind comments that showed me the desire for these kind of games. However, the game wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for :iconprimalemotion:’s game. Frankly, I took a lot of his ideas (and even the art to test the game) and used those to make my adaption of it. Sure people can be inspired by others, but I feel I’ve copied his game and made a bigger succes out of it. Though I’ve never really spoke to him afterwards, I still feel guilty and the least I could do is reference him in a journal showcasing a great milestone. Without his game, I would have something too complex for people to really enjoy.

Gene Management Game would’ve probably been the first game. While complexity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it becomes a giant heap of mess when left uncontrolled in documents. I haven’t given this much thought up until now, but I’m glad I’ve began with a small game like YOLCG. In my game-developer educations, teachers always tell us to KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) when it comes to designing games. The scopes of young developers are usually so large, that they never end up finishing a game. Now with my first experiences, me and :icondustzero: are basically recreating YOLCG. We can only go forward with this. DustZero’s art is continiously improving (you should see the comparisions) and I’ve learned a lot with the first version. Due to my internship experiences and my vision on community modding, I’ve made sure you guys can develop your own arcs if you so desire. You can do that when the full version’s released, where all the tools we use ourselves and manuals will be included. The dA version will work on a single file without the modding capabilities, hence the stand-alone name. Well, I seem to be rambling on without an end. So I’ll just jump to another point.


A thing I’ve noticed that I feel is worth noting, is that some of you guys see me as some kind of celebrity and a professional. This applies to to my stories as well as YOLCG. While infact, I’m just equal to all of you guys. I happen to have spare time where I can think up ideas. Hell, most of my stories are thought up and written during the long travels to and from my education (The expansion scenes are an exception). I even explicitly remember writing the first week checkup in YOLCG. What kind of train, the amount of people and vaguely what I wrote. The point I’m trying to make is that anyone having this kind of fetish, can make their own creation. Whether that be literature, art (2 or 3D) or an actual game. Although I feel there are some issues regarding the balance of expansion and normal content, but I that’s for another journal.

You might not get a lot of attention at first, but you’ll get more as you continuously make more (at your pace naturally, it took me several years). And you might just inspire someone to create something of their own! To give an example, all of my big hits (CoE, YOLCG  and IPJ) are inspired by other creations. Camera of Expansion was heavily inspired by :iconirg555:’s Charlie series. For some reason I never directly gave credit to him (I probably should edit the descriptions). I recently read another story with a similar premise to his. So that already makes two successful stories inspired by one! I hope you get an idea of the ‘chain of inspiration’ I’m trying to give here. :P


Because the community is relatively small, there’s so much left unexplored. Let your fantasies run wild and together, we can explore the uncharted world of expansion literature, art and games.


Hey guys, it's me :icondustzero: again. I'm very happy to see that Auctus managed to gather 200k pageviews. Works of fellow artists, writers and content creators are a great inspiration for you to make your own stuff as I have learned. I'm really glad that I met him and that he allowed me to work together with him on YOLCG 2. Since I started working with him I've become very passionate about YOLCG 2. It wouldn't be too far off to say that it has become part of my life at this point.

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I remember very clearly how I stumbled upon this little gem. One day when browsing 4chan's /d/ board I found a link to the game in a cowgirl thread. Someone wrote a mostly negative comment about what he perceived as blandness of the game and while I didn't agree completely I still saw some validity in these points. When I read about a continuation I immediately though it meant a second game was being made and I sent a note to Auctus, asking him if I could join. I even added a few of my  drawings to show that I was competent enough. Those drawings were pretty bad when I look bad at it but everyone's gotta start somewhere.

From this point development of YOLCG 2 started. Slow at first, then we'd have some major advances but then it would slow down again. When you're new to development you need to learn a lot of things. You will definitely learn a lot of new things, especially about yourself. You learn about your strengths, your limitations and eventually you will learn how to deal with it the most effective way. I for one learned that my biggest flaw are my motivation problems but I also learned from earlier experience that I work best in a group and when people are counting on me, which brings me to my next point.

We are happy to announce our newest member to join our team. Everyone, meet :iconwildy71090:. He will be joining us in developing the game from now on. He's a very talented and an aspiring artist just like the rest of us. With someone like him on our team development should finally pick up new speed.

And that brings me to the last but probably most important point I want to talk about. The future of the game's development.

The game has been in development for more than a year. It seems far longer when I look back at it. So far our development process has been... rather chaotic and somewhat sporadic. I'd like to say that I worked diligently for several hours each day on creating content for the game but that's just not how it is. Often times you have brilliant ideas and results one day, then try to force yourself to work the next without getting anything. Sometimes you get burned out by the lack of success and take a rest for a while until you get the next big hit. While this may not be the fastest way to create a game it definitely keeps you creative and gives you plenty of time to improve. Damn, my earlier art looked absolutely hideous. Just look at some of the comparisons I uploaded. Especially the Nikki one.
But obviously that can't and shouldn't continue like this. This is one of the reasons why we are expanding the team. There's only so much 2 people can do and while I'm great with ideas and decent with drawing I'm also kinda lazy. And since we figured out the plot and most major ideas by now it's time to move the game out of conceptual stage and work onto making it playable. And to do that we'll most likely need more members. So if you're interested in helping us, feel free to contact us. All help is appreciated, whether you're an artist, writer, coder or composer.


Susan's Life - Entry #4 by Auctus177
Susan's Life - Entry #4
Today's been pretty hectic. I nearly ended up late at college because I was writing down that vivid dream I had. Running is definitely not on my top 10 of favorite activities. There's enough struggle with with my slim frame on regular activities. Mom's experimental treatments does help against the backpains, but there is no cure for their weight. I have considered breast reductions, but I feel that would change my identity. Plus, I wouldn't have enough to fondle with.

Anyway, back at college, I couldn't help but to wonder if the Richard from my dreams is hidden beneath that unhygenic layer or his. That along with figuring out the meaning behind that dream distracted me the whole day. I'm baffled by how much a dream can impact me.


Man, I have a thing with hiatuses lately. I'm really sorry for that. The guilt of not working on YOLCG prevents me from updating entirely, even though I'm relatively active with 3D work. With every non-YOLCG entry, I'm afraid people will lash out because of it... W-Well I'm getting off topic here. Point is, 3D is for weekends while YOLCG is for vacations. (summer vacation hype).

Had this one in the shelf for a while (5 months, whops ^^;), figured I would post it now along with an updated entry #3. I've got a bunch more nearing completion, so be on the look out for that!

----Render Info----
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Water is created by PhoenixFD
Susan's Life - Entry #3  (Updated) by Auctus177
Susan's Life - Entry #3 (Updated)
Entry #3 - Special Dream

The first thing I notice is the lack of lighting. My eyes jolt around, looking for lighting. There seem to be some behind my back. The room seems to be the entrance hall of a big mansion, with luxury stairs connecting the first to the second floor. With this darkness, it must be pretty late in the night. All of the artificial lights are focused on the first floor.

There's music playing down the stairs, it's quite elegant and classy. It's not a standard teen party, but something more mature. Several tenfold people are scattered around the floor. Some dancing intimately with their partner, others chatting it up with their table neighbours. Their clothing re-confirms the 'class' of the party. Men suited up for a special occasion and women looking at their very best, showingcasing the bountiful assets they posess.

Just now do I notice the rather thick breeze flowing against my face and body. The kind where you stand up from your bed after waking up and start to shiver while closing the windows of your room. My lips in particular feels colder. Feeling my lips confirm there is lipstick. The cold breeze primarily hits my cheekbones and strangely enough... my chest?

I look down and see the contour of my outfit, due to the enveloping darkness on the second floor. My eyes are adjusted enough to see that the dress exposes most of my chest, all the way to my navel. Whille still dazzled, I check out the rest of my dress. With the back side mostly exposed, the dress is barely classified as a regular dress. The fabric around my hips accentuates my slim curves. I would never dare to buy something this outrageous.

My nervousity start to build up, questions pop up in my head. Why am I wearing this exposing dress? Why am I here in the first place?
My panical thoughts were interrupted by calls of my name. The elegant people downstairs were calling for my name. But... moments ago they didn't even notice me in the dark, and now they're cheering me on like it's the big reveal of an episode in Extreme Make-overs. Well... I can't back down when everyone's already seen me.

With each step, my heart pumps anxiously faster. For most of the stairs, I don't even dare to look into the eyes of the crowd. What would they think of me? Most of my body is extremely exposed, how will they respond to that?

I look up and see the crowd cheering me on, and they have smiles on their faces. Not a general type of smile where their intentions are mysterious, but one that expresses graditude and respect, in a completely non-judgemental way. They make me feel at ease, despite wearing this extreme dress. I can't remember the last time I felt this pleasant with a crowd.

With both my feet at the first floor, I scan the room for my next move. Few seconds pass before the music switches to a slow, romantic song. The people who were cheering, scatter around to look for their partner. Before I could worry about a partner, a hand lands on my shoulder. I turn around to see Richard, but not in his usual outfit. He wears a chic white suit while his usual messy hair is neatly combed backwards. His look without glasses looks very charming. I was doubtful about his appearance in school, but he looks like a true gentleman with the right looks. I react astonished to his alluring looks, my only target is his piercing green eyes.

"Madam.", Richard said as he slightly bends over. He raises his hand and asks: "Would you like to dance with me to this song?"

Baffled, I agreed to his offer and placed my hand on top of his and leads me to the dancefloor.
Without a shred of doubt, he places his hands on my shoulders. Usually when passoniate people dance, the woman places her hands on the man's shoulder and his on her hips. But with this dress, that's nearly impossible without bumping into my mammoth breasts. Richard seems to respect that. I move my hands to hold his hips and together, we slowly dance to the music. For the duration of the first song, I couldn't keep my eyes off his. Richard's charming smile rendered me unable to care about anything less than the two of us.

Once the song faded out, Richard spoke with a smile; "I must say, your dress is very alluring." I almost forgot I'm wearing an exceedingly uncovered dress. I start to blush and try to talk my way out of it.

"I... didn't know this dress was so exposing, I would've picked something else i-if I would've known..."

Surprisingly he shook his head. "No, this dress fits you perfectly. It captures every bit of beauty within you. You shouldn't be ashamed of it."

"T-thank you.", I said bewildered. "That really means a lot to me." I wasn't telling a lie, I was really moved by his words. But before I could say another word, the next song started playing.


Playing fitting music to the scenario you're writing seems to work quite well for me. I feel this is one of my best written stories as of yet, especially with my vocabulary. The image also happened to turn out pretty amazing, if I say so myself. :>

Her old clothing was something that always annoyed me, even after I've posted it on dA. So after learning some new tricks (and a simple realization), I had another go at it. Also was a good timing to change other aspects I didn't particularly liked.


----Render Info----
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Trial of Willpower by Auctus177
Trial of Willpower
“Ermmm—aaaah!” Yuuka peeled away the covers of her bed and gave a light stretch, greeting the morning. She had slept in again, as she had been doing frequently of late. All those late nights, she reckoned. Plus, she needed her beauty sleep didn't she?

She stretched her arms up over her head, but it wasn't the complete stretch she wanted or felt she needed to do. She could only stretch so far before her skin felt tight.. everywhere.. and heavy. She was awfully flexible last night, why couldn't she be as flexible this morning? She inhaled sharply and exhaled, this was enough to set her breasts a-jiggling. The dark areola moved about at the ends of her creamy succulent breasts.

Standing to her feet, she thrust out her heavy bombshell of a belly, her belly button long since becoming an outie, and exposed her privates to the morning air. It was warm and humid this morning, course, every morning was starting to feel warm and humid to her. Just getting to her feet and crossing the distance to her closet to retrieve some clothes was enough to make things feel warm and toasty all over.

She scanned over all the blouses, shirts and dresses she had hanging up, but she had long since outgrown everything in there anyway. The garments were more of a reminder of a time long past by rather than viable options for the day ahead. Instead, Yuuka crossed over to her bureau and pulled open a drawer, grabbing the first pair of clothes on hand. At this point and at this size, beggers couldn't exactly be choosers. Luckily for her, though, the clothes actually matched... though they were plagued by other.. issues.

The sports-bra and sweat shorts ensemble that she grabbed weren't exactly.. the best, most appropriate choices for the day, but Yuuka wasn't one to care. They'd fit over her body and she wouldn't be flashing anything to anyone. At this point in her pregnancy, that was a win.

She looked over to her sleeping boyfriend, still zonked out and spread out how she had left him last night. She giggled inwardly to herself as she watched him snooze, for all intents and purposes, deaf to the world. Images of last night's hot and bothered “flexibility” contest flashed in her mind's eye. Or.. where those memories of the nights before? It was hard to tell the difference.

She stroked at the ends of her nipples absent-mindedly as she recollected the events leading up to last night. She grabbed the red & black shorts from where she had discarded them upon the bed and lifted one leg to put them on.

But she couldn't keep her balance on just one leg long enough and the foot came crashing back down to the floor prematurely. The stomp rattled the furniture a little and the little disturbance was enough to stir awake her boyfriend.

“Huh-what?” He blinked, rubbing his eyes and sitting up in bed. His left foot stuck out from under the covers in a rather adorable manner. The blankets were bunched up now around his waist, revealing his toned upper body to--

Yuuka shook her head, chasing away those warm and toasty thoughts from her mind.

She blushed slightly and smiled as she saw his features zero in on her naked form, staring down at her exposed womanhood like a homing pigeon.

He swallowed nervously.

Good, he remembers last night in the same vivid deal as she did. That would no doubt serve him well. She pouted, “..I was hoping I could get myself dressed this morning.. you know, without assistance.”

She held up the shorts for emphasis.

She wanted to put those on? They.. they didn't look like they would fit. Sure, they look big, but are they.. Yuuka-big? He thought. Best.. not to challenge her on this.

He thought back to the last time she had selected a set a clothes she couldn't fit into. They had struggled for what had seemed at least an hour, she refused to surrender and admit her size, and he wasn't about to oppose her willpower. Finally after falling onto the bed together... in a rather compromising way.. they had surrendered to.. more clothes-free activities... he never did help her fit into those pants.

Was this another one of those? He pulled away the blankets and got to his feet. Ooh, he felt sore from last night! Could he even handle another one of.. those?

The look she gave him didn't help any, her eyes darted down between his legs with a.. particularly masked look in her eyes. A masked look he had seen far too many times before and it never ceased to scare him. It was a wild-card of a look. It could mean anything.

She sat on the bed, spreading her legs and lifting one up while raising the red and black garment into the air, swinging it fruitlessly at her stretched leg as if she could somehow lasso it. Her belly, gravid and full extended over her lap and obscuring her naked lower region. Her breasts hung full and surrendered to gravity at either side. Her nipples angled downward. He recalled sucking on them from last night momentarily, the soft stretched flesh tasted so very good, with the faintest taste of--...

He licked his lips and chased away the promiscuous thoughts, taking her shorts gently from her hand and guiding them over her outstretched leg, before lifting her other leg and guiding that one through as well. Between the massively pregnant woman and her boyfriend, this was about as magical a moment as Prince Charming slipping on Cinderella's glass slipper. It was smooth sailing until he reached her thighs. The fabric was pulled tight and the pantlegs were soon running out of room sooner than he would have liked. It didn't help that Yuuka threw her head back and inhaled sharply from the sensation of his hands brushing along the creamy swells of her thighs. Edging up, closer and closer. Which at her size, made things interesting. Everything jiggled and swelled. She'd flex her arms, and thrust out her chest. She'd tuck in her core, but her belly would only appear to puff out.

She bucked her hips, scooting forward along the bed. Though he couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or if it was in a bid to help. She was towards the edge of the bed and within very close proximity when his hands (and her shorts) reached her hips. Her belly brushed against his legs.

And then the resistance came to a crescendo when he met the slope and swell of her ass. She practically radiated heat from down there, her bum warm and soft to the touch. He let go of her shorts and explored the soft swell of her glutes. Swollen and womanly, pliable to his touch. His fingers sinking into the soft flesh.

“Mm.” She closed her eyes, seizing him of what she could and pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss. Her shorts bunched up around her privates and stopped at the bastion of her bottom. They looked comically inadequate in comparison. His hands roamed ever inch of her bottom, jostling and groping it in its splendor as they kissed, long and hard.

“Mmph!” She grunted as he gave a hard full tug and brought the red and black garments up over her ass, the fabric snapping tightly into place, strained to the max with their charge. Her naked ass was one splendor, but now contained by the fabric of her sweat shorts, it almost seemed more magnificent somehow.

...And then he eyed the sports-bra. The ginormous-but-was-it-ginormous-enough matching sports-bra.

Yuuka looked up at him expectantly. She wasn't going to do a damn thing to help him, was she?

She averted her eyes, before zeroing in on his exposed privates. Despite his better judgment, he was getting a little turned on. He didn't want to though, he was still so sore from last night.

Dressed, least from the waist down, Yuuka now had to resist the urge to just pull down the newly-wrangled garment and see once and for all if she was really still as flexible as she was last night.

Her boyfriend backed away as she stood up. Great, he thought, she was going to help him. That's why his jaw unhinged as she grabbed her shorts and slowly worked the garment down over the magnificence of her bum. With her womanhood once again exposed to the air, he had sinking feeling developing in the middle of his stomach.

The shorts hit the floor, bunching up around her ankles. And he knew, all of his work had just been undone by his horny, pregnant girlfriend.

This immediately brought memories of last night back in full-force. Clothing dropped, and then in the next moment, Yuuka was pressed up against the wall, her breasts squashed against her chest while her boyfriend did as he always did: and stood behind her.

He was always behind her, on all of her little decisions. He deserved a reward.

Their hands entwined as the laced their fingers together, her bed groaning in protest as the large (and very much in charge) pregnant woman brought her man down and upon her. On her back, the shell of her belly angled upwards like a great round mountain. Her breasts hung to either side.

He scooped up one of her breasts in his hand, palming her nipples into arousal. He kneaded her breasts, his hand diminutive in comparison.

“OOH!” She cried out as they joined together. She wrapped her legs around him as he straddled the expanse of her body. Their hands still entwined next to her head.

The discarded red & black garments laying at the foot of the bed. All but forgotten.


Phew! This one's rather intense story-wise, provided by :iconhappy-clam-911:. I suppose you could see this as a prequel to the two earlier scenes or after. Whichever case, it seems they're having fun! :P

Also, as you might have noticed, he's caught up in IRL things (nothing to worry about) and doesn't have time to actively write future entries of Massive Yuuka. I'll try writing with some of them, but some are better off without my below-average writing. 

Extra Angle's:

--------Render Info--------
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Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
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Yuuka's Workout @ June's by Auctus177
Yuuka's Workout @ June's
“H-hi June.” Yuuka blushed. Tugging down on the lower hem of her sports-bra. This unintentionally made the cleavage spilling over the top seem more plentiful.

“Y-Y-Yuuka!” June gasped. She was flabbergasted to see the state of her little sister. “What a surprise!”

“..But I called.. and told you I was coming?”

June scooped up her little sister and ushered her inside, slightly nervous of who might have caught sight of her titanic sister. This resulted in a near comical display as Yuuka proceeded at a hurried, awkward waddle. Had Yuuka just walked in, she would have been inside and undoubtedly seated already. But with June hurrying her, Yuuka was moving with more caution, undue caution and this sort of put the sisters in conflict with one another.

June tried to push Yuuka through and shut the door, but this resulted in an rather awkward brushing of the girls as their bodies brushed against one another.

June, her breasts having filled in significantly in her own earlier pregnancy, had rubbed them all against Yuuka's shoulder, side and back.

“There.” June congratulated herself, unaware of what she had done to Yuuka. To June, her actions had made complete and perfect sense. To Yuuka's overly sensitive body (and slightly sensitive state of mind) the simple contact had been electrifying.

“I-I had hoped to m-make use of your treadmill?” Yuuka squeaked.

June, use to a very different Yuuka hadn't even registered the change in tone of voice. She was too boggled by the physical changes. So boggled in fact that she was outright refusing to acknowledge it.

“I'll get you a glass of water.” June decided, pulling herself away from her sister.

Yuuka proceeded on her own. Soon discovering the treadmill. Along the way, she took in a bit more of the sights of her sister's magnificent home. June's husband was out on work, and it gave June more time to keep the place tidy or decorative. Yuuka rubbed her exposed belly bump as she eyed the homey touches her sister had given the place. Before climbing upon the treadmill.

Yuuka had actually used very few treadmills in her time. A younger, smaller Yuuka would enjoy a jog outdoors over a treadmill any day. But as pregnant and immense as she was, she wasn't comfortable jogging outdoors. It didn't help this was the only workout outfit that currently fit her. (Not that she had particularly tried to find another one. Her boyfriend certainly loved this one.)

Pressing a few buttons, the treadmill came to life and Yuuka began to jog. Well... walk.

The treadmill groaned and complained over the task of supporting the enormous pregnant woman. But Yuuka's untrained ears didn't convey any particular message to her. She was more concerned with finding a comfortable speed and cradling her body.

She held her breasts with one hand, and her belly felt heavy. She cradled her belly and her breasts jostled and jiggled like mad, straining the semi-durable fabric of her sports-bra to the max. Twice, she stuffed her sneaky underboob back into her sports-bra, tugging the fabric down to offer more support. And this resulted in an increase in the swell of her exposed cleavage.

June came in at this time, and she immediately went wide-eyed. The glass of water slipped from her grasp and fell to the floor. It went unnoticed and unheard over the loud, incessant squealing protest of the treadmill's motor. It began to sound almost like a siren as Yuuka upped the speed. Her heavy trot eliciting a timed squeal with each footfall.

June said not a word. Her eyes transfixed upon the enormous ass that presented itself before her. Yuuka's heavy, swollen glutes rose and fell and jiggled independently of one another. The bare minimum of the crack of her ass peeking out over the hemline as she “jogged.” Her breasts, even behind a sports-bra (albeit an inadequate one) slapped against one another and the top of her belly. Yuuka's nipple, visible from June's perspective, was clearly erect and hardening from the physical exertion.

Yuuka began to pant as she broke out in an immediate sweat. The beads of sweat tracing out the contours of her magnificent body.

June's expression was priceless as she watched her little, overgrown, pregnant sister destroy her treadmill.

Yuuka tugged at the seat of her red and black shorts as they began to slip down. The sweat acting as both an lubricant and an adhesive to her clothes. Yuuka panted at the exertions. A thread of happiness dangling in her mind as she convinced herself that she was getting her pregnancy weight finally under control.

...Never mind that this was probably going to be her only work out... and definitely her only workout on June's treadmill. Or.. any of June's future treadmills for that matter.

This still hadn't crossed June's mind however, as the only prevalent thought in June's head was “How had Yuuka gotten so big?” as her eyes remained glued to the poor girl's massive bum.


The second entry of scenes with Massive Yuuka! This time she's... attempting to stay in shape through the means of a treadmill. Yet again, the story is written by :iconhappy-clam-911:!

Yes, she's still the same size as the previous image. The way I moved the breasts sorta made them bigger than before. Buuut... it looks really good as it is, so I'll leave it like this. :happybounce:

Also, this one had a bunch of angles I thought were really good, but wouldn't make sense separately. Feel free to request angles you think would look really good, for this and all future renders! It usually takes 15 minutes up to several hours (dependent on the amount of reflections present) to render a scene like this. My computer is built to multi-task (with 16GB RAM and an i7 3770k); I can easily leave it running while doing college work. So don't be afraid and ask away!

June's POV:
Low View:
Front View (hid the threadmill):

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0 @ 1080p 

Characters are exported from Artificial Girl 3
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(Massive) Yuuka vs. The Heat by Auctus177
(Massive) Yuuka vs. The Heat
Yuuka, repacked into her workout clothes, now lounged on the couch. The heat had grown sweltering and this left Yuuka feeling 'fat and miserable.' She fanned herself and jostled her breasts in her top, 'unsticking' the globes of flesh from one another to allow some air passage through.

Her boyfriend lovingly prepared breakfast in the kitchen, though it looked like Breakfast would be lucky to be done before 2 o'clock. The two lovebirds were very much not early birds to begin with, and this was exacerbated and made even worse by Yuuka's overcharged libido.

She wiped at her forehead with the back of her wrist, breaking out into a light sweat. She wiggled her overblown rump onto the pleather couch cushions, eliciting some very choice squeaks from the material.

She froze. There was no way her ass was that big was it?

Yuuka had been very concerned over the swell of her bum. It seemed determined to flare out and grow bigger at a rather constant rate during this pregnancy. Absorbing calories and co-ordinating with her hips to present itself even bigger.

As she craned her neck and attempted to look over her shoulder at the replete thing, she gasped. It stuck out so far behind here! (Had she been more nonchalant about it, she might have realized that she was sticking it out behind herself in the effort to get a glimpse of it.) And it was wider than her shoulders!

Heavens to Murgatroyd! “What has this pregnancy done to my body?!” She thought.

She was feeling self-conscious and fat and miserable. As if on cue and not to be ignored, her nipples extended at the murky warm thoughts swirling around inside her head. As much as she tried to fight it, her attention to her rear, her feelings of enormity was all culminating into a murky, libido-fueled mental spiral.

She cradled her magnificent breasts, her fingers feeling the soft underboob peeking out from under her sports-bra and she snuck two fingers under the cloth.

“Mmm..” She blushed, stroking her immense boob-flesh. Unlike her ass, she had been jealous of her sister Ivana's enormous boobs most of her life. So the titanic newfound swell of them brought her much inward happiness.

As her fingers found her nipple and her other hand slowly navigated the swell of her belly and found the hemline of her shorts, her boyfriend coughed out an awkward noise and shakily said “..B-breakfast is ready?”

He held the dish out towards her as Yuuka untangled herself, thanked him and accepted the meal offering. She hoped there were seconds, she had worked up quite the appetite.


Meet Yuuka in an alternative Universe where she took too many of those supplements Ivana took, with her triplet pregnancy!

So this is basically what has kept me busy for the last two months (3D wise, of course). After the Christmas Session image, I was really struggling finding something new and interesting. So instinctively, I tried to go bigger.

My first attempt was with Yuuka. Ivana was already 'too' large to pose within a reasonable time and I didn't trust my capabilities in creating large, yet realistic bellies enough to make June bigger. So I took June's triplet belly and slapped it on Yuuka. Along with huge breasts and larger hips, she was enjoyable at most to look at. 

Now a few days later, I was talking to my good friend :iconhappy-clam-911: about making some garments for the sisters. Naturally, I tried that with Massive Yuuka and the result really baffled us ( ). We discussed what would look good on her and viola, this scene has sprung in existence! I have a bunch nearly ready, so I'll post one every few days to keep my account somewhat active until the prototype's ready. (soon ™)

Besides passing on ideas, he also wrote some accompanying stories that really give it depth, in my opinion. I just hope you guys can enjoy her as much as we do!

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0 @ 720p 

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
All furniture is found on
Clothing texture (bumpmap) is from

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KittyKatPlay Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
Hi there! Thank you for the watch! :)
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Hoo, boy. I blame my friend Andrew for getting me into monster girls(like cow girls, or rather 'holstaurus').

Wasn't sure what to expect when I rolled up to a game about 'your very own cowgirl' but I immediately got hooked on the story...I'm not making excuses, I really got into the story.

Ah, so, keep up the good work. My brain's not working, I can't come up with anything more coherent than this right now...
OfaMightDivine Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't know how many hours I have spent on your games :'3 I love cowies
And I love you just gave me a watch >3<!!! Thanks!!
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Wahaha! That's so good to hear :P

I saw one of your uploads on Impreg-Nation and I could swear I followed you already! Well, beter late then never. :happybounce:
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Aaaww thankies x333
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Auctus177 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student General Artist
You mean the game itself or the mod?
dark-lord-nergal Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oh, it should be available in the page itself. On the right there should be the Download button, which downloads the .zip.

Copy the .tah to the 3DCG/arcs folder and it should work!
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