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Hey there, welcome to my dA page!

I program 'special' games for people to enjoy. They're all oriented around the expansion fetish. There isn't much now, but I'm slowly working on that.

Besides that, I sometimes write stories (or combine them in my games) with a sub-par vocabulary including weird fantasies. There's also the 3D stuff I do occasionally.

Also, please keep in mind that I work on these projects in my spare time. Unless I can make a living out of this, my main focus will be on getting my education finished, finding a job and live on my own. :)

If you would wish to donate towards the progress of YOLCG 2 or something else, you can do that with the button below.

A few of you have asked us before and we can affirm that we are now taking donations. It has been asked before and the two of us have agreed that it couldn't hurt.
We are passionate about YOLCG 2 and plan on finishing it no matter what, but we are working on it in our free time. You don’t have to donate, but if anyone feels like it then it would show us that there are people out there who appreciate our work. That would be a great boost in morale and a great source of motivation to work faster to finishing our work so you can finally enjoy it.

Also, there is an option to leave an text message with the donation. You can decide to send it to 'YOLCG 2', which means the donation will be split between me and the artist.

Which reminds me, he's set up his dA account for a while. :icondustzero: will be uploading more content sometime in the future, YOLCG-related or not. He would really appreciate if you would follow him. :P

Anyway, the button is available here and on my dA profile.

Well, that's it for now! We'll come with another update soon. 


Christmas at Yuuka's by Auctus177
Christmas at Yuuka's
The Zento sisters had a Holiday tradition of getting together for a Christmas party, consisting of just the three of them. Now, the three sisters had no shortage of contact as they were all very close. But as they got older and their lives began leading in different directions, the yearly traditions served as eager opportunities for the three sisters to bond and celebrate good cheer.

Each year seemed to lead to more and more annual “traditions” it seemed, as the three sisters planned their get-togethers rather spontaneously, often beginning with one sister contacting a second one only to undoubtedly suggest inviting the third. Movie outings, holidays, birthday parties and other social events often lead down this road and the three sisters rarely declined or gave up an opportunity to get together. 

The three sisters had decided upon rotating which sister served as the host on these holidays and social events, so if June hosted last year, Ivana might host it the next, and so on and so on. For a brief time, there was an upswing in the get-togethers after the birth of Natasha, as Yuuka and June used every excuse in the book to visit their sister and niece.

At least.. that's how things used to be, the most significant wrench to have been thrown into the gears of all recent attempts to get together was that all three sisters just so happened to be... well.. quite pregnant. Doctor visits, making arrangements at work, along with other committments saw numerous cancellations. Thanksgiving, for example, saw June being whisked away to visit her husband's family.

It was a novel challenge for the sisters, indeed, but this year's Christmas get-together saw a mutual desire at commitment. And for this year, the party was going to be held at Yuuka's apartment. Yuuka was the youngest sister and her spunky, spontaneous personality was often a guarantee that the three sisters would have loads of fun. If there was any negatives, it was that Yuuka's apartment was actually quite small.

It might not have been so bad, having the party at June's, since June had a full-sized house at her disposal. And since she was married, June could often get assistance from her husband when preparing for these little get-togethers, especially lately. Encumbered by a set of triplets, June's mobility was not what it once was, and she had found as the weeks rolled by, 'doing something' often resulted in June supervising while her husband 'assisted'. He never complained, though, and as June inched further and further into her pregnancy, he was even starting to get good at it, anticipating his wife's thoughts and all.

But for June personally, this Christmas get-together at Yuuka's served as perhaps the only scenario where June, as heavily pregnant as she was, could have all the fun of a night out but without worry. “Sisters only,” as Yuuka would often say of these sorts of things. June was perfectly okay with this, however, as she was looking forward to a fun evening away from the house with her little sister.

Ivana pondered this 'rule,' however, as she arrived at Yuuka's along with June. Was it really practical for the sisters to leave their beaus behind? Sisterly bonding was one thing, but did it really need the seemingly iron-clad 'Sisters only' rule? It had become more prevalent each year whenever they had gotten together at June's. Her husband was really sweet and understanding about the whole thing, but no matter how much Yuuka would insist their event was 'a sisterly thing,' they couldn't exactly expect to kick him out of his own home. So party's a June's always had to allow for that allowance.

As Ivana's thoughts shifted to her own pregnancy, she knew it was only a matter of time before the Zento “Sisters only” tradition would be forced to adopt some new rules or exceptions.

Ivana wound up distracting herself from these thoughts, however, when her desire to gaze down at her baby bump had been thwarted by her two oversized, heavy-laden breasts instead. Craning her head, lifting and adjusting them hadn't yielded any results however and she was forced to resign herself into 'knowing it was there' even if she couldn't actually catch a glimpse of it. She could have parted her cleavage, she supposed, but that seem one step too far. And all this fussing with her breasts had only agitated their sensitivity: the absolute worst companion to bring along on a visit to Yuuka's.

So you can imagine the two sister's surprised looks when Yuuka opened the door not to a spunky, ready-to-go Christmas party, but a disorganized mess and then some.

“Ta-dah?” Yuuka, clad in a flashy, spunky and tight Santa outfit, grimaced with a forced flourish. She knew the apartment's state left some to be desired; She could read the flabbergasted expressions upon the faces of both her sisters.

Yuuka tugged up on her strapless outfit about the cleavage, pulling it up slightly to afford some more decency. As if covering up her chest some more would help alleviate some embarrassment. Though this was actually counter-intuitive, since the short outfit clung so tightly to her body that the size and shape of her nipples were quite apparent behind the taut fabric. Her rosy cheeks turning slightly crimson with embarrassment upon presenting a rather less-than-prepared apartment, a blatant testament to how disorganized she was. In fact, even her Christmas outfit had been product of disorganization, Yuuka had just gotten home from a Christmas party at work where she had been asked to play the role of Secret Santa. She had been selected, of course, on account of being the biggest at her place of business –But
her sisters didn't need to know that little tidbit.

“Wow~! Look at you!” Yuuka marveled at June's incredible baby bump as she reached out and rubbed it gingerly. June's belly was nearly twice as big as Yuuka's and as such, easily dwarfed her in size. She had been hoping to shift attention from Yuuka's apartment to June's pregnancy as she backed out of the doorway to allow her sisters room to enter.

June, who had always been the smallest of the three, was now suddenly the most imposing. Yuuka, though relieved to have a smaller belly, (and thus not feel quite so encumbered herself,) now felt a twinge of jealousy as she noticed that June's breasts had grown significantly bigger than her own pair. This was a new sensation for the youngest sister, as she had always had a firm second place in the breast department.

And as per usual, once June had cleared the doorway, it was time to marvel at Ivana. Ivana was naturally the bustiest of the three by a significant margin. The size of her breasts coming very close to probably rivaling the other two's pregnant bellies combined. In fact, Ivana's own belly bump seemed downright small in comparison to the zeppelins that hung from her chest.

“H-hi, Yuu.” Ivana always got a little sheepish when she saw the way her younger sister was staring at her colossal mams. It was like she always marvelled at how big they were every time they saw one another. As Ivana defensively stroked the upper crest of her bosom, she pondered if they had indeed gotten bigger since the last time they met.

The curious thing was now that all three sisters were pregnant, all three girls seemed larger than life. June had filled out to carry multiples and Yuuka's naturally hip-ish figure had always presented her with a stable looking frame, poor Ivana now looked downright top-heavy amidst the present company. The larger woman cradled both her belly and breasts to the best of her ability as she stepped into the apartment.

“Iva.” Yuuka greeted her sister behind a veil of awe, her eyes transfixed upon those imposing breasts as they crossed in front of her. Yuuka's eyes were plastered to the back of Ivana's own Christmasy outfit as she made her way slowly and carefully inside.

Yuuka was suddenly feeling very conflicted. Of the three, it actually turned out that she seemed to be the one in the best shape, despite just feeling moments before like a heavily-bloated cow. She felt her legs spring into action as she moved to hastily follow her sisters into the apartment and was immediately hit with the difference for how easily she could move around the quaint little apartment in comparison to her two older sisters.

Ivana began looking around for a place to sit, the little dining table looking uninviting at her size with an assortment of take-out packages littered about it. Iva reckoned that it was actually the couch facing the Christmas tree that looked to be the safest bet..

June, meanwhile, her smaller bosom allowing her a better vantage point to view the state of the apartment took special note of the vast amount of clothes thrown everywhere. It was like Yuuka's entire wardrobe had exploded across the entire apartment! Dishes were piled up in the sink, and curiously enough, milk bottles were out everywhere.

June's experience and education as a psychiatrist bombarded her with insight and thought as to the state of Yuuka's apartment. And one quick glance at Yuuka's face betrayed to her that she was right about one thing: Yuuka was more frazzled than usual. About what, she wasn't sure.

“Sorry for the mess.” Yuuka uttered an apology as she moved quickly and rather gracefully for a pregnant woman, ducking under Ivana's breasts and reaching for a discarded blouse that was in a dangerous blindspot underneath June's imposing belly.

Yuuka tossed some of the assorted clothes into a pile together while moving a strand of dislodged hair from out of her face. She offered a flimsy smile to Ivana and June while Ivana continued to look for a comfortable seat around the apartment and June just stared incredulously at her younger sister.

“Yuuka!” June's exasperated thoughts seeped into the tone of surprise on her voice.

“I know, I know. The place is a mess.” Yuuka cut off what she perceived to precursor a lecture. “I just got back from work, and I haven't had a chance to...”

The young woman cut herself off by snatching a take-out box of chinese from the dining table. “I haven't even had a chance to eat!” Yuuka protested while opening the box.

“No no.” June shook her head dismissively. The conversation now drawing Ivana's attention as she stopped eyeing the couch. “It's not that..”

Yuuka put down the box of take-out.

“You. What's gotten into.. you?” June gestured towards her sister for emphasis, though it kind of almost seemed like she was gesturing to Yuuka's belly. And perhaps part of her was.

That's when Yuuka surprised both June and Ivana by just suddenly unloading.

“Aw, I dunno!” Yuuka began, flustered and exasperated. She rolled her head towards the ceiling and let her hands fall to her sides “I was feeling like a big fat cow! I've been just so hungry lately, and I can't seem to stop eating.. But look at you! And you!” Yuuka gestured to Ivana and June in turn for emphasis, before scooping up her box of take-out and making use of the provided chopsticks.

“I mean now even little Junie's got bigger boobs than me!” She exasperated between chews. “I guess I didn't expect you both to be.. to be so big!”

Though Yuuka's outburst wasn't the whole of it, it was clear one thing was weighing on her mind rather heavily: breast size.

“Aw, it's okay.” June reassured Yuuka as she set the box of take-out down. “I'm sure you'll fill out--”

Yuuka chose that opportunity to turn around and bend over to pick up some more discarded clothes, and in the skin-tight, sultry Santa suit, both sisters eyes immediately snapped to Yuuka's downright enormous bum as it peaked out from beneath the hemline. Each butt cheek was almost as wide as Yuuka's torso, meaning that by bending over, Yuuka almost appeared to double in width as a result.

“--somehow.” June finished, tilting her head slightly at the sheer magnificence of Yuuka's caboose. She mouthed out a “Wow” as she found herself marvelling in disbelief.

Ivana,  too, wordlessly followed Yuuka's ass as the youngest sister busily moved about the room, picking up all the discarded stuff and trying to make the place seem more presentable. The poor young woman didn't even notice when she subconsciously readjusted her dress (down this time) by tugging down on the hemline to cover her ass after unwittingly subjecting her sisters to the unintentional show.

“Oh my.” Ivana said after the display.

“What?” Yuuka turned around, still frantically tidying up.

“Oh, I—nothing.” She fibbed, breaking eye contact.

Yuuka might have pressed her for more information if it hadn't been for the fact that the apartment's tidiness was her primary concern right now.

“Here, Yuuka, I'll help.” June insisted, moving to clear the table. Yuuka's insecurities and vulnerability making her feel a little guilty.

“No no, you don't have to do that, not in your condition.”  Yuuka moved to intercept.

“Yuuka, it's your condition too.” She reminded her sister, picking up one of the empty bottles. “What's with all these milk bottles anyway?”

As the two sisters worked to clean up the apartment, Ivana settled on sitting down for the time being. She massaged her belly as she took a load off, however she figured her breasts as the more likely culprit behind her lack of mobility. Ivana's relief was short-lived however when she realized just how much space the combination of belly and breasts took up upon her lap and was soon feeling the added pressure the baby placed upon her bladder. So soon enough, Ivana was back up and moving again, this time making her way towards the bathroom.

Yuuka dodged the question by snatching up the empty milk bottle from June's grasp and taking it to the sink, but when June uncovered two more, she repeated the question. “Seriously, Yuu, craving milk lately.”

Yuuka chuckled. She wasn't about to tell her sister that she had been drinking an excess of milk lately in the hopes that her own breasts would fill in. She wasn't looking to rival Ivana in size, just hoping to close the gap a little bit. But now that June had climbed up the bra size alphabet, Yuuka would have just settled for closing the gap between herself and June. She pictured herself sporting the same size and June. To caress those breasts and call them her own. Ah, that would be heavenly.

Then Yuuka accidentally pictured herself sporting June's triplet-carrying belly as well. Urgh, how does she do it! It must be so heavy! One thing's for sure, she wouldn't be able to keep wearing her current outfit.

Yuuka snapping back into reality smoothed out her own dress. She did like this dress. It wasn't.. too revealing was it? Yuuka preferred a more relaxed fit, but this pregnancy had made her usual style a bit harder to pull off. And if this belly was going to make things tight, she might as well work it in her favor... right?

She momentarily did a self-diagnostic, placing her hand on her rump. Surely.. this dress didn't make her butt look bigger, did it? Would her sisters say anything if it did?

As if her sisters could hear the self-imposed question, June offered a quick smile while Ivana rejoined them with one of her own.

To continue the comparison theme, Yuuka pictured herself with Ivana's momentous breasts. This pregnancy thing wouldn't be so bad if that was the benefit, Yuuka chuckled to herself. Oh, wouldn't her boyfriend be thrilled then. She stopped herself however when she considered the idea that breasts like that might inevitably lead to another pregnancy...

These thoughts re-ignited Yuuka's mischievous mood. She did her best to inconspicuously move over and behind her sister as she sat at the couch. She peered over Ivana's shoulder at her sister's funbags.

June, who continued to tidy up, noticed this however and put down the milk bottle in her hands.

So Ivana thought the coast was clear to relax when in fact, both her sisters were sneaking up behind her. As Yuuka's hands descended to find purchase on Ivana's bosom, June swatted her younger sister on the rump. Both Ivana and Yuuka let out a startled cry at the same time. Yuuka's hands flew defensively to protect her behind while Ivana's flew to her chest.

“Yuu!!” Ivana reprimanded at the same time as Yuuka's outcry. “Sis!!”

“I bet your boyfriend doesn't have any complaints.” June stifled a giggle.

To their surprise, Ivana responded with a “Weelll--!”

Both Yuuka and June, aware of their older sister's shaky experience with relationships perked up upon this immediately. And like two schoolgirls about to get the latest gossip, the two moved to hang over either side of their eldest sister eager to hear the beans spill.

Ivana, however, clammed right up upon seeing her two younger sisters hanging off every word. It was an interesting sight, to see this topheavy woman blanch with either sister bent over on either side. 

“..You were saying?” Yuuka's eyes sparkled at the idea of hearing about her sister's no-doubt now juicy love-life.

“Uh, nothing! Let's open presents!” Ivana hoped Christmas would make an adequate distraction. June's hand on her shoulder implied it would not.

“Nope. This is news to me: You have a boyfriend?” June pried a little further, while Yuuka physically couldn't stay still at the news. “And is he...?”

This last question was no doubt directed towards the fact that Ivana was pregnant again. Both June and Yuuka had just assumed that Ivana had used artificial insemination again. This revelation of a new boyfriend, one that Ivana was confident enough to have a child with, was significantly big news.

“And how does he feel about Natasha? How does Natasha feel about having a sibling?” Yuuka pelted Ivana with questions in quick succession. Ivana just chuckled to herself when June motioned for Yuuka to ease up a little.

June failed to make the situation any better however when she started in with her own questions. “Is he good looking? What's he do? How much does he make in a year? Is it enough to support you and your children?”

“June!” Ivana gasped, surprised by the nature of the questions.

“What? I want to know that my sister is with a guy that loves her and will continue to care for her. That's not too much to ask is it?”

“For your guys' information,” Yuuka interrupted. “My boyfriend loves me very much. He does everything I ask. And when he comes over, he almost always makes me breakfast in bed.”

“Oh, I don't think anybody's questioning your boyfriend's affection.” June gestured towards Yuuka's baby bump.

“Hey! What's that suppose to mean?” Yuuka challenged, standing up for herself, her boyfriend and their baby together.

The eldest sister chose this moment to intervene. “Shh, both of you.” She smiled warmly and stroked her belly.

She continued when she knew she had her sisters' full attention. “There's going to be enough children running around, we shouldn't act like some too. Besides...”

The three sisters all gazed at the tree, then looked at one another. It was Christmas and all three of them were with child, they all had promising futures, and very affectionate significant others. They each took a moment to take in their blessings.

..Until Yuuka interrupted the tender moment with an abrupt question. “Hey guys, wouldn't it be cool if next Christmas all three of us were pregnant again?”

“Yuuka!!” Ivana and June chided their youngest sister in unison. “Don't even suggest that!”

The evening winded down, and with Ivana and June sitting together on the couch, Yuuka being the most energetic and mobile, was at the tree, handing out gifts. 6 presents were exchanged between the three of them, resulting in two for each.

“.....Hey guys, do you think my boyfriend would propose if I asked him to?” Yuuka asked in all seriousness with a wrapped present in her hands.

“I'm surprised he hasn't already.” June and Ivana shared a laugh.

“Hey! What's -that- supposed to mean?”


The story is provided by the talented :iconhappy-clam-911:!

We collaborated together to make this Christmas special of the Zento Sisters. With 6000 words through dA notes, we further refined each sister and their standing in the story. Honestly... I don't even remember who got the idea anymore. Sweating a little...

Happy Christmas!

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0 @ 2160p

Characters are exported from Artificial Girl 3
Wall and clothing textures are from
All the other objects are from
June's Workout by Auctus177
June's Workout
"Honey, are you sure you should still be running on that?" He asked to his wife.

"Of course, how else am I going to carry our children? I don't want to be bedridden for a month.", she replied agitated. June stepped onto the treadmill, hits a few buttons on the machine and starts walking. "-and besides, what else am I supposed to do during my maternity leave?"

June's husband had some right to be worried. With almost 32 weeks in, her belly blossomed out quite extensively. An logical result as she's carrying triplets. An average person would wage for full-term twins. Her slim frame renders her belly to be larger than it actually is. Exercise is encouraged during pregnancies, but it becomes an dilemma when multiples are involved.

The man stood besides June as she's still doing her warm-up round. "You have a valid point, miss Zento." He rested his arms on one of the handles and observes her. "You're a psychiatrist, after all." June sported a small smile as acknowledgment as she moved her hand to increase the treadmill's speed. June starts to pick up the pace, her walk turning into a small jog. He silently scrutinizes her body and it's changes throughout the last two weeks. Because of his work, he'll have moments where he's working abroad for weeks. This morning was the first after his return late in the night. 

Not before long, he notices her breasts are rather bouncy. Within the bounds of her shirt, they constantly lift and drop down ontop of her gravid stomach. He was rather flabbergasted about that, since her breasts originally were a normal B-cup. He couldn't resist but to mention;

"I uhm... I think it's time we go shopping together for some maternity clothing... and... and a sportsbra."

"You think I haven't tried?", June responded amusingly. She took a moment before continuing and used both hands to scoop her breasts. The flesh was overflowing in her hands. "In the time you've been away, I've gone through two of them. They just keep growing.", she explained. Her husband reacted surprised, followed by a thoughtful face. June, the skilled reader that she is, quickly picked up on his burning question.

"E. They're E-cup now.", she sighed. "As if this giant belly isn't heavy enough, my breasts gotta grow ridiculously fast too.", she paused to catch her breath. "If this keeps up until full-term, I might just surpass Iva!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, June. I'm sure you wont grow beyond Ivana." He started re-assuring her. "Your body is just preparing itself to feed three babies."

"Yeah... You're right. Thanks sweetie.", she thanked him while he smiled at her. The pregnancy hormones sometimes make her jumpy after a negative remark. Luckily June's husband knew the correct words to calm her down. Now with that topic closed, he start anew.

"Thanksgiving is around the corner. Did you had the chance to pack-" He started, but quickly got his answer by a snide look from his wife. 

"-... T-that's a no. Well, we've only got two days left. I'll start preparing our luggages."


It's about time I returned to the Zento Sisters. This sorta serves as a prequel to an upcoming image.

That image will have an accompanying story, written by the person I'm collaberating with. During the process, we incidentally gave quite a bit of depth to each sister. Enough to not just provide reasoning behind their actions, but also enough to support stories like this one.

We originally wanted it to be non-canon to IPJ, but I start to feel different about that now. :P

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Wall and shelf textures are from
The other objects are from
Leaking Accident by Auctus177
Leaking Accident
Oh dear, it looks like she's had a small incident in a public place.

So, another attempt at using the clothing technique I've showed with my previous image. This time my focus was more about creating a realistic response with wrinkles. Plus, finally using the liquid system I once mentioned in my blog. The biggest downside is it's lack of initial velocity.

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Bathroom tile texture is from
The sinks are from
Enjoying a Nice Bath by Auctus177
Enjoying a Nice Bath
It seems her trusty bath-companion found an island to rest upon. La la la la 


I also rendered the scene from above;    Enjoying a Nice Bath - Top View

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Hair is from the Capt Jam's hair compilation (v2) for AG3
Bathroom tile texture is from
Duck Toy is from
Covered by Auctus177
Sometimes, less is more. It sounds kinda cliché, but that was the inspiration for this one. By not showing the upper area of the face, you leave it to be interpreted by the viewer. An element of mystery.

Two new techniques were used for this one. The first allows for easier shaping of the stomach, which isn't really visible on this one. 
The second is a new method of making clothes. Usually, I would directly import a tanktop from AG3 itself, but it lacks the details I would prefer. This should also allow me to create types of clothing that were impossible at first.

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0
Character and underwear are exported from Artificial Girl 3

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