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Hey there, welcome to my dA page!

I program 'special' games for people to enjoy. They're all oriented around the expansion fetish. There isn't much now, but I'm slowly working on that.

Besides that, I sometimes write stories (or combine them in my games) with a sub-par vocabulary including weird fantasies. There's also the 3D stuff I do occasionally.

Also, please keep in mind that I work on these projects in my spare time. Unless I can make a living out of this, my main focus will be on getting my education finished, finding a job and live on my own. :)

If you would wish to donate towards the progress of YOLCG 2 or something else, you can do that with the button below.

Even in this remote community, I still feel connected in a sense. I care about your thoughts and opinions, maybe even too much. That's how I've always been, despite my lack of activity towards comments and such. This is why I feel inclined to tell you about the situation.

The progress during the first half of the year has been mediocre, to put it lightly. My motivation for YOLCG isn't what it was during the first few months. Back then I had no problem writing a complete dialog system in a couple of weeks with daily checks to see if their flags are true. Now it's just half an hour of theory-crafting about the chemicals before I call it a day. 

Anyway, progress should be going smoother in the summer vacation. College isn't a problem for at least another month or two. So the near future is looking bright!

With that behind us, I'll also be posting more 3D stuff. I have a gut feeling that a good portion of my watchers aren't waiting for that, but it's something I got to get over. To tell you the truth, messing around with 3D is quite enjoyable to do. I already had experience in it before ever touching code. Combine that with some bellies and breasts and you got my favorite erotic pastime. Blush

Point I'm trying to make here is, programming YOLCG is mostly mental work while 3D caters my creativity side. So don't think I'm delaying YOLCG whenever I post 3D stuff. :)


Dr. Felicity - Introduction Teaser by Auctus177
Dr. Felicity - Introduction Teaser
Who's this woman you might ask? Well, she's the person responsible to the major changes of the Zento Sisters. Basically, we're making some adjustments to the overal story to make the Massive variants canon. If you want to read more about this mysterious character...

Well... you'll have to take it to the creator.
Massive Yuuka - Pool Visit #2
"Whooops! Thought you would've been ready by now."

"N-No ofcourse not! I'm not even outta this damn one-piece, let alone into my regular clothing!"


Now this one was really fun to do. I started with the exact same outfit from the previous entry, but pulled the cloth down to get that undressing look. It took so much effort to pull it over her breasts, it was really tight!

Besides the fact that the cloth intersects each other without collision, I feel it looks really good. Reflecting back on it, I've learned a lot about the cloth system and how it can be manipulated for various means.

I've included some renders I've made before making the final version. The top view ones are definitely my favorite out of the bunch. :P  Here's the entire folder of the pool visit.

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0 @ 1080p 
Characters are exported from Artificial Girl 3
Massive Yuuka - Pool Visit #1
Would her husband have enough courage to say that her swimsuit is too tight? So tight that even her nipples are visible if one looks closely?




Naah...... probably not. But who's gonna complain right? Nana, look what I have and you dont! 


I'm actually pretty proud of this one. My dedication went into the environment first, because I tried my best to get that changing-room 'look' of the indoor swimming pools. After that, I made whatever pose came up in my mind. This one's pretty neutral, but it serves as a good before-view for the next mini-entry.

Additional Content
Side Angle: folder with extra's:

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0 @ 1080p 
Characters are exported from Artificial Girl 3
Tile texture is from
Susan's Life - Extra #1
Susan carefully stepped into the shower... She sighed, she looked down at herself and smirked a little, as her mom and dad always told her, she should just accept her body as it and love it nonetheless. Despite that, she was still quite uncomfy with a bust like hers.

She got into the shower and let out a sharp yelp as her large nipples brushed against the cold wall. She shivered and jumped back, bumping into the glass door of the shower.

"Aaaaah~ Hmmff...", she grumbled a little, squinting her eyes. Susan seemed quite annoyed, like a child not getting it's favorite snack. She slowly waddled forward, trying to balance herself again after the setback in the slightly cramped shower cabin. She blushed a little, her cheeks a soft red as she turned on the shower. The soft caress of the pleasantly warm water relaxed her.

She sat down in the shower and hugged her bust with both arms, a soft smile spreading across her face, accompanied by the same lovely blush. Susan sighed in relief, staring down at her bossom. "D-don't worry... I still like you two~ And I always will..."


The extra's serve as supplements to the main story. It's a way for me and :iconfelicity-chan: to show Susan in her daily behavior without much thought behind the idea. They're still canon and play a minor role in the storyline.

---------------Render Info & Credits---------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.0
Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Shower is from
Bathroom tile is from
Story written by :iconfelicity-chan:
Water drops generated by PhoenixFD
Massive June - Tight Fit
June looked down at her shirt and tugged on it with all the power she had left before going to bed.

June was left rather exhausted after her day. She let out a soft sigh and a gentle moan, her cheeks starting to blush as the applied pressure to her breasts had made her milk come out, fresh, creamy dairy was reluctantly leaking on her shirt, getting it soaked with fresh cream, even leaking trough it at some point.

She sighed softly and bit her lower lip, in an attempt to hold back her intense moans.

The milk started to trinkle down the sides of her massive belly, getting it just as messy as her shirt. "W-why does it feel s-so good~?" She said, staring down at her ill-fitting garment with a blush on her cheeks that matched the Japanese cherry blossom trees.


June gets a comeback! And a one at that! She got a makeover because she looked quite outdated, especially the hair. Over the last few weeks, I've been in contact with :iconfelicity-chan: and she's been really helpful during that time. For example, she suggested I'd do something with June (while I had the Massive June file lying around) and practically redesigned her to be new and fresh. She also wrote the included story that makes you want for more....

I'm also experimenting with adding premium content for some of my higher-quality 3D works. The content will be a high quality version, usually double or even triple the size. But I'll always make sure the standard is large enough for the majority to enjoy. I've always loathed artists who would set up a paywall for anything good and provide a shitty, low-resolution version for free. But... if you would like to see every nook and cranny and simultaneously support me, you can do so now (Also included a secondary point-of-view)! 

---------------Render Info & Credits---------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.0
Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Bed is from
Bedsheet and wall textures are from
Story written by :iconfelicity-chan:
Milk liquid generated by PhoenixFD

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I use 3Ds Max 2012/2014 while extracting the female models from AG3. I try to use 2014 more nowadays (Gives me more options). I also have VRay as the rendering engine. My first set of 3D images (IPJ) were rendered without that. VRay definitely bumped up the quality! :P

But I don't really recommend 3Ds Max if your intention is to just pose people. The learning-curve is quite steep and I think you'd be better off using something similar to DAZ 3D. The only reason I used it myself is because I already was familiar with the program due to my education. I had to make all the belly morphs from scratch. Sweating a little... 
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