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Hey there, welcome to my dA page!

I program 'special' games for people to enjoy. They're all oriented around the expansion fetish. There isn't much now, but I'm slowly working on that.

Besides that, I sometimes write stories (or combine them in my games) with a sub-par vocabulary including weird fantasies. There's also the 3D stuff I do occasionally.

Also, please keep in mind that I work on these projects in my spare time. Unless I can make a living out of this, my main focus will be on getting my education finished, finding a job and live on my own. :)

If you would wish to donate towards the progress of YOLCG 2 or something else, you can do that with the button below.

A few of you have asked us before and we can affirm that we are now taking donations. It has been asked before and the two of us have agreed that it couldn't hurt.
We are passionate about YOLCG 2 and plan on finishing it no matter what, but we are working on it in our free time. You don’t have to donate, but if anyone feels like it then it would show us that there are people out there who appreciate our work. That would be a great boost in morale and a great source of motivation to work faster to finishing our work so you can finally enjoy it.

Also, there is an option to leave an text message with the donation. You can decide to send it to 'YOLCG 2', which means the donation will be split between me and the artist.

Which reminds me, he's set up his dA account for a while. :icondustzero: will be uploading more content sometime in the future, YOLCG-related or not. He would really appreciate if you would follow him. :P

Anyway, the button is available here and on my dA profile.

Well, that's it for now! We'll come with another update soon. 


Leaking Accident by Auctus177
Leaking Accident
Oh dear, it looks like she's had a small incident in a public place.

So, another attempt at using the clothing technique I've showed with my previous image. This time my focus was more about creating a realistic response with wrinkles. Plus, finally using the liquid system I once mentioned in my blog. The biggest downside is it's lack of initial velocity.

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Bathroom tile texture is from
The sinks are from
Enjoying a Nice Bath by Auctus177
Enjoying a Nice Bath
It seems her trusty bath-companion found an island to rest upon. La la la la 


I also rendered the scene from above;    Enjoying a Nice Bath - Top View

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0

Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Hair is from the Capt Jam's hair compilation (v2) for AG3
Bathroom tile texture is from
Duck Toy is from
Covered by Auctus177
Sometimes, less is more. It sounds kinda cliché, but that was the inspiration for this one. By not showing the upper area of the face, you leave it to be interpreted by the viewer. An element of mystery.

Two new techniques were used for this one. The first allows for easier shaping of the stomach, which isn't really visible on this one. 
The second is a new method of making clothes. Usually, I would directly import a tanktop from AG3 itself, but it lacks the details I would prefer. This should also allow me to create types of clothing that were impossible at first.

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0
Character and underwear are exported from Artificial Girl 3
Susan's Life - Entry #3 by Auctus177
Susan's Life - Entry #3
Entry #3 - Special Dream

The first thing I notice is the lack of lighting. My eyes jolt around, looking for lighting. There seem to be some behind my back. The room seems to be the entrance hall of a big mansion, with luxury stairs connecting the first to the second floor. With this darkness, it must be pretty late in the night. All of the artificial lights are focused on the first floor.

There's music playing down the stairs, it's quite elegant and classy. It's not a standard teen party, but something more mature. Several tenfold people are scattered around the floor. Some dancing intimately with their partner, others chatting it up with their table neighbours. Their clothing re-confirms the 'class' of the party. Men suited up for a special occasion and women looking at their very best, showingcasing the bountiful assets they posess.

Just now do I notice the rather thick breeze flowing against my face and body. The kind where you stand up from your bed after waking up and start to shiver while closing the windows of your room. My lips in particular feels colder. Feeling my lips confirm there is lipstick. The cold breeze primarily hits my cheekbones and strangely enough... my chest?

I look down and see the contour of my outfit, due to the enveloping darkness on the second floor. My eyes are adjusted enough to see that the dress exposes most of my chest, all the way to my navel. Whille still dazzled, I check out the rest of my dress. With the back side mostly exposed, the dress is barely classified as a regular dress. The fabric around my hips accentuates my slim curves. I would never dare to buy something this outrageous.

My nervousity start to build up, questions pop up in my head. Why am I wearing this exposing dress? Why am I here in the first place?
My panical thoughts were interrupted by calls of my name. The elegant people downstairs were calling for my name. But... moments ago they didn't even notice me in the dark, and now they're cheering me on like it's the big reveal of an episode in Extreme Make-overs. Well... I can't back down when everyone's already seen me.

With each step, my heart pumps anxiously faster. For most of the stairs, I don't even dare to look into the eyes of the crowd. What would they think of me? Most of my body is extremely exposed, how will they respond to that?

I look up and see the crowd cheering me on, and they have smiles on their faces. Not a general type of smile where their intentions are mysterious, but one that expresses graditude and respect, in a completely non-judgemental way. They make me feel at ease, despite wearing this extreme dress. I can't remember the last time I felt this pleasant with a crowd.

With both my feet at the first floor, I scan the room for my next move. Few seconds pass before the music switches to a slow, romantic song. The people who were cheering, scatter around to look for their partner. Before I could worry about a partner, a hand lands on my shoulder. I turn around to see Richard, but not in his usual outfit. He wears a chic white suit while his usual messy hair is neatly combed backwards. His look without glasses looks very charming. I was doubtful about his appearance in school, but he looks like a true gentleman with the right looks. I react astonished to his alluring looks, my only target is his piercing green eyes.

"Madam.", Richard said as he slightly bends over. He raises his hand and asks: "Would you like to dance with me to this song?"

Baffled, I agreed to his offer and placed my hand on top of his and leads me to the dancefloor.
Without a shred of doubt, he places his hands on my shoulders. Usually when passoniate people dance, the woman places her hands on the man's shoulder and his on her hips. But with this dress, that's nearly impossible without bumping into my mammoth breasts. Richard seems to respect that. I move my hands to hold his hips and together, we slowly dance to the music. For the duration of the first song, I couldn't keep my eyes off his. Richard's charming smile rendered me unable to care about anything less than the two of us.

Once the song faded out, Richard spoke with a smile; "I must say, your dress is very alluring." I almost forgot I'm wearing an exceedingly uncovered dress. I start to blush and try to talk my way out of it.

"I... didn't know this dress was so exposing, I would've picked something else i-if I would've known..."

Surprisingly he shook his head. "No, this dress fits you perfectly. It captures every bit of beauty within you. You shouldn't be ashamed of it."

"T-thank you.", I said bewildered. "That really means a lot to me." I wasn't telling a lie, I was really moved by his words. But before I could say another word, the next song started playing.


Playing fitting music to the scenario you're writing seems to work quite well for me. I feel this is one of my best written stories as of yet, especially with my vocabulary. The image also happened to turn out pretty amazing, if I say so myself. :>

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0
Character and clothing is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Additional textures is from
Statues and handrails is from
Susan's Life - Entry #2 by Auctus177
Susan's Life - Entry #2
Entry #2 - Traveling Back Home

After school, I usually go straight home by public transport. The reactions doesn't differ much from the classmates. If they were gossiping, I probably wouldn't hear it through my headphones anyway. Hah, an extra bonus with listening to music.

Either way it's really frustrating to engage a conversation with someone. I never know if their interest is genuine or just blatantly curious in my breasts. That in combination with my general shyness makes me quite a socially awkward person.


This one might be a little lackluster, but the next few will definitely make up for that. :D

----Render Info----
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2012 (64-bit) with VRay 2.0
Character and clothing is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Additional textures is from

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Now I'm quite the rule-breaker when it comes to deadlines, but with another person in the project that wont happen so easily again. :)
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