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The Waiting Game by Auctus177
The Waiting Game
It's been a few months after the 'creation' of the first set of embryo's, so Mitsuki's fairly close to giving birth. But due to her rather active engagements during that time, she's carrying multiple sets of embryo's which are all occupying a lot of space. To make things worse, her growing breasts are adapting to cope with the incoming demand for milk. Despite the blessing, she's practically immobilized for the coming weeks.


Well, this was bound to happen! Sweating a little... Telling a story about fertility and all that, it would be a shame not to explore the limits. :P

This also served as an attempt to try larger bellies. It looks quite nicely on this angle, although I'm not really satisfied about the sides of the belly. Still some room for improvement on that. 
Return to Camp by Auctus177
Return to Camp
Back at their village, she's greeted by her fellow tribesmen followed by her children. Mitsuki has five children, of which her oldest is five years old.  She got her blessing just a few years after the first child was born, at the age of 22.

The last year has been quite hectic due to all of the births Mitsuki's been through. Having libido swings caused by pregnancies can be quite disadvantageous as her uterus still ovulates. She has to be careful not to get 'too' pregnant. The limitations of the blessing might be closer than she thinks.


Oh dear, I start to quite like her. I just might start a series about Mitsuki and the world she lives in. Either something similar to IPJ (Ivana's Pregnancy Journey) or a lot more text-based, which is less work in the end. But not until I'm happy with the environment and the shape of the belly, there's plenty of room for improvement on that.

My attempt at creating a child went pretty well, there were some flaws but the angle hides them. Having some kind of aftermath on IPJ with Natasha growing up is definitely a possibility.

(I also double-checked if her belly is bigger than the first image, but it's just the angle really emphasizing her stomach.)
The Unfortunate Fact by Auctus177
The Unfortunate Fact
With most pregnancies, clothing's from before the pregnancy usually doesn't fit anymore. But that's caused by the extra mass on the stomach. Worst case scenario, it leaves the belly exposed and it's tighter on the waist.

But with Yuuka's pregnancy, she doesn't even come halfway her hips with lifting pants and skirts. Her hips and butt have been expanding to ridiculous levels during her pregnancy. They're definitely getting ready to bear a child.
The Blessing of Gods by Auctus177
The Blessing of Gods
Mitsuki is part of a peaceful tribe who once had their golden age, until a rival tribe pillaged them down. The ones that survived scattered around the forest. When they finally regrouped, only a handful of families were left. It looked very grim for them, yet they kept praying to their gods for a miracle. Twenty years later, the prayer got answered.

One of the girls, Mitsuki, received a blessing from the gods. She ovaluates more often and in greater numbers. Her gestation period is halved from a normal pregnancy. On top of that, her uterus is capable of carrying multiple pregnancies at once while her breasts adapt to the high demands. Her strength rises above any normal human, her nimbleness continuously amaze the tribe locals and on top of all that, she's absolutely gorgeous.

She's rightfully earned the nickname of the Fertility Godess, the savior the tribe desperately needs.

I thought I'd fill my 3D gallery with some single set images like this one. Along with a little story that leaves people grasping for more. Hell, even I'd like to see more. :P Anyway, it took about 4,5 hours to put this up, of which an hour probably went to rendering all of the trees. Gotta love the internet for free 3D models.
YOLCG 2 - Cowgirl Stance #1 by Auctus177
YOLCG 2 - Cowgirl Stance #1
Artist's note: This is a small concept sketch with a note relevant to the cowgirl's default posture in the game. We kept the metal bar that was used in the original game but decided to move it further back to behind the girl so we could put more emphasis on the belly and its expansion when enemas are used.
Hey guys it's me again, the artist.

It has been some time since Auctus and I have talked about how we're doing and how our little project is coming along. We've been mostly posting some bits of information, some technical stuff, maybe a couple of concept sketches here and there but we feel that we haven't really engaged in a discussion. I think that most watchers are just patiently waiting that we'll hopefully be releasing the game soon. However, making a game is not a simple task, especially if you're doing it in your free time.

One thing that often plagued my efforts was finding the motivation to work on it. I have, what I like to think, some really amazing ideas for the story and background of the world and characters of YOLCG 2 and I would love to see these ideas become a reality. However, sometimes when I sit down to draw or write down my ideas I get... discouraged by my failures. That's something that happened a lot back when my drawing style and technique weren't what they are now. I often tried to draw something but it didn't turn out like I imagined it. I would then put a lot of effort and time into editing but it wouldn't work so I would just quit and do something different. I guess being able to admit your own lack of skill is important as an artist but since I'm a perfectionist I experienced this a lot during my earlier career. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I don't know if it's because I got better or more used to my own weaknesses. Maybe it's both. But at any rate, I feel a lot more confident now and I think that we can pull this off which makes me very happy. Of course I was certain of it when I started working on this project but getting closer to it and being finally able to see your success is a massive boost in morale.

And that's what brings us here. The reason why I joined this project was because I saw the potential in the game when I played the original. It wasn't perfect but it was a very solid basis. People say that when you want something done you should do it yourself, and that's what I decided to do. I basically wanted to help create a game that would satisfy someone like me and allow me to pursue and create my own artistic vision. Now to be honest, I'm not really into expansion. I just like monstergirls, cowgirls in particular. But I'm also open to new ideas and now I can definitely see the appeal in certain other fetishes. In other words, I originally joined for my own reasons.

What I'm trying to say is that we haven't really tried to talk to you. We want you to know what this means to us and we want to know what our work means to you. We've talked a lot about our ideas but there is still much we haven't talked about. We want to know what you think, what your ideas and questions are. What can we do to make this game perfect? Knowing that there are actual people behind those numbers and pageviews would make us feel much more appreciated and motivated.

Please tell us what you think. :)



Artist | Student | Varied
Hey there, welcome to my dA page!

I program 'special' games for people to enjoy. They're all oriented around the expansion fetish. There isn't much now, but I'm slowly working on that.

Besides that, I sometimes write stories (or combine them in my games) with a sub-par vocabulary including weird fantasies. There's also the 3D stuff I do occasionally.

As a final note, please keep in mind that I work on these projects in my spare time. Unless I can make a living out of this, my main focus will be on getting my education finished, finding a job and live on my own. :)

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batman2383 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
I finished the cowgirl milking game and but can not see the ending here I put in the address but have not seen where to see the end can you tell me where or is it not finished thanks
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Nice update, look forward to more
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your art and games are awesome! Please, don't stop making them. :meow:
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good luck Mr.Auctus
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Hey, Auctus! Just thought I'd send a shout out and say how awesome I think you are! Hopefully all's well with you!
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Things have been quiet the last couple of months. But lately me and the artist are discussing the possibilities and refining the aspects we've mentioned in the journal. We'll have an update coming fairly soon with details about the characters.
As for myself, I'm doing pretty good. :D I'm doing the final part of my exams (where I program a game) and after that, I'll have plenty of time to work on YOLCG.

Now I'm quite the rule-breaker when it comes to deadlines, but with another person in the project that wont happen so easily again. :)
Cobalt-Renegade Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
That's good to hear, man. I've been having AP testing all week. It's nice
that you've got someone to help you out with the game. I can't wait to
see what you two come up with. ^^
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Ugh, tell me about it.  Testing takes forever...
APs especially.
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