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Should I write a summary of my characters and universe, so that new watchers can get up to speed? 

349 deviants said Yes, I'd like to make sure I didn't miss anything important.
128 deviants said Yes, I'd like to catch up without having to read all your past stories.
40 deviants said No, they should just read the stories if they're interested in them.
A few days ago, I bought Nier: Automata for my birthday and man... It's pretty darn good so far. :thumbsup: I already had my eyes on the game before it came out, for uh... REASONS and heard Platinum made it so it was an instant buy for me! Especially when the PC release date was on MY birthday. :giggle: 

Performance isn't what I hoped for(need to run 720p to get 60 fps on GTX960), but it's still really enjoyable nonetheless. Now onto getting all the endings! :la:

Also, dem lips inspired me to apply it to a scene I'm currently working on. :iconjustrightplz:

Photoshop 2017-03-19 15-13-01 by Auctus177

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Artist | Student | Varied
Hey there, welcome!

You've arrived at my own 'little' corner of my fetish content. That's what I create around here. They're mostly focused on pregnancy and/or expansion. If that isn't your cup of tea, I'd still welcome you! I mean, if you don't mean harm and/or want to give constructive criticism, then you're just as welcome as everyone else.

Anyway, my main methods for creating content is 3D modelling and programming. I'm not good at either of them, but I'm slowly learning more and more.

What drives me is the ability to give shape to the ideas I have. All the while (hopefully) inspiring others to do the same, in whatever way they prefer. That's how I got here in the first place. :) Besides that, I just want to share the things I like the most!


COMM: Contained Excitement!
Aand here we have the first animated commission! It's :iconkioshih:'s Tesla being so excited she's bobbing up and down! Little does she know that uh... something else is going on as well. :ninja: I guess you could say... she couldn't contain her excitement! Heh... I'll show myself out. :v

Anyway, sorry for the long wait! Hope you like it man. :D

----------------------Extra Stuff---------------------- link, with full resolution WEBM & Slowmo versions

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Tesla @ :iconkioshih:
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 768×1024 (168 frames)
Tesla was exported from Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
Overdue Surveillance
            Case Study #3
Name:                            Alexia [redacted]
Class:                             BP-6
Condition:                      Overdue Pregnancy
Date of fertilization:      20-06-2009

Observer:        [redacted]

Entry #33 - 04-06-2011

The two-year mark is approaching, yet her body still shows no signs of imminent labor.  Remarkably, the subject’s body continues behave as if it were currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy. When the subject arrived at the clinic for her 03-06 appointment, the staff did the usual measurements and the results were consistent with previous calculations. Her growth over the past year has become constant and steady. Measurements were (Bust) 243 cm, (Waist) 197 cm, and (Hips) 148 cm with weight at a total of 166 kilograms. However, this was not caused solely by her condition. In addition to the routine medical check-ups steps have been taken to ensure that the patient is well fed.  We have no data on how increasingly taxing a pregnancy of this length or size will become, so as a precaution the patient is provided with ample food of high nutritional and caloric value.   As a result, the rate of the subject’s expected weight gain has increased by a significant margin when compared to earlier calculations.

Upon inspection, the subject’s body has met or exceeded the expected results. High amounts of hormones generated by the subject’s body during this extended stage of the pregnancy has caused constant growth in her breasts. They have grown to the point where they extend past the subject’s knees when sitting down. Her areolas remain brown, with proportionally large nipples for her breast size. Other noted symptoms include an increase in average body temperature, taut skin in areas of high stress, noticeable navel protrusion, increased lip volume, and heightened libido. Milk production has continued to increase as well, now reaching [redacted] liters per day. It now takes seven hours for the patient's breasts to fill from empty to the point of engorgement. Preliminary tests on the subject’s milk show that it’s nutritional value far exceeds the average for human breastmilk, further justifying the changes made to the subject’s diet. The consistency of the milk differs as well, appearing and behaving like a dairy-based cream rather than the much thinner consistency of an average woman’s milk. This may indicate a much larger increase in caloric content, but human consumption has not yet been authorized by [redacted] and further testing cannot be done as a result.


Phew, it feels good to finally finish a body-focused scene like this. Where the highlight is just the body, carried by a light tone of story and environment. This time, I experimented with an overdue pregnancy and how it could impact someone. There are various ways of doing it, especially because it's all unknown. But for this, I imagined that the breasts would continuously grow because well... she's still carrying her twins in there. Plus I tried to make them more saggy to see how they would look. And my god does it look nice in my books. :dream: And on top of all that, a healthy layer of fat. Which for me is easier to accept when it's 'caused' or influenced by the pregnancy. Weird...

In any case, my buddy :iconcoyot3tang0: helped me write the short story here. Plus chatting with him has brought the idea to a much better level. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, on a final note. What do you guys think about the amount of breast sag? Just right? Too much? Reason why I ask is because I have plans for a certain OC to have about the same body composition. I already made it, but after making this scene, I start to heavily favor this one instead. (But I don't think the non-pregnant versions will have as much sag. They'll probably end up more like Machine Gun Daniella)

-----------------Alternative Angles----------------- folder (12 more)

Overdue Surveillance A02 by Auctus177 Overdue Surveillance A07 by Auctus177 Overdue Surveillance A11 by Auctus177 Overdue Surveillance A16 by Auctus177 Overdue Surveillance A17 by Auctus177

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 2240x1680 
Alexia is exported from Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
Textures collected from
Susan's Life #20 - First Date
Raw text & images can be found here now!


AND HERE IT IS. The previously mentioned thing that took me several months to make, Susan's 20th entry! And oh boy is it a big one. When I initially started thinking about the date, there were so many awesome scene ideas I would love to add in. But it didn't feel right that there was a 'main' image, where everything else is just mentioned briefly. So what was my solution?

MAKE A SHORT VISUAL NOVEL WITH 63 RENDERS. You know... like any sane person would do. Disbelief

So yeah. Enjoy the two lovebirds experiencing a date (with super cheesy dialog) they'll never forget!


The VN program runs off of Flash. Kinda ancient, but currently it's the only solution to have some sort of interactivity on this site. If you guys prefer the raw text and/or images, let me know and I'll add them in when I can!

And now that I'm back in action, time to continue working on commissions. :thumbsup:

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 1280x960
Nathan & Susan were made in Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
Objects collected from and
Eyyyyyy 800k pageviews AND 5k watchers! I'll have something special ready soon, something I've been working on for several months now. :ninja:
COMM: A Swell Time
Aand here we have :iconhara-futoru:'s Hara, as commissioned by :iconbarosans: enjoying her day on the beach, with plenty of Senzu beans by her side. Who knew that eating so many would cause such swelling! Then again, it's a very rejuvenating bean. Regardless, it definitely doesn't look like she's slowing down. ;p

And yeah, thank you for commissioning me! :D

-----------------Alternative Angles----------------- folder

Swell Time Angle 1 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 2 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 5 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 7 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 8 by Auctus177

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Commissioned by :iconbarosans:
Hara is :iconhara-futoru:'s OC
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 2276x1280
Hara was made in Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max


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